We place great demands on our feet. We use them to support our weight and to propel our body. When our expectations exceed their limitations, our feet let us know through signals of discomfort and pain. Three out of five adults have painful feet resulting from a variety of foot conditions. Many common foot problems arise from foot abnormalities such as flat feet, high arches, or other biomechanical problems. Some foot problems are intensified by medical conditions such as obesity, poor circulation, arthritis, or diabetes. 

Common foot conditions are calluses, blisters, corns, bunions, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, athlete's foot, and plantar warts. Many people contribute to their foot problems by wearing ill-fitting shoes, socks, and stockings, or using the wrong footwear for an activity.

Consultation and Assessment

 We pride ourselves in offering full and thorough consultations and assessments to our clients.  Foot care begins with a thorough health record and the assessment of a client's feet. We inspect the skin carefully for atrophy, corns, calluses, cracks, ulcers and other issues.  Our foot care specialists are trained to identify the need for more specialized treatments for conditions such as infection, peripheral vascular disease, ulcers or diabetes. We can also help those with thick, over grown nails or calluses that can be difficult to treat. 

After assessing your foot care needs, Jill Spiers (M.S.S.Ch & M.B.Ch.A) we will design a personalized treatment program specific to your needs.
Port Hope offers a wide variety of services that aid in the treatment of foot-related complaints.  Our foot care service is ideal for individuals experiencing physical limitations, such as poor vision or arthritis.
 Basic and Advanced Foot Care

  •  preventative foot care for high risk clients with diabetes, arthritis, skin and circulation problems
  •  clipping and filling of toenails
  •  treatment of
    • hard corns
    • calluses
    • seed corn
    • fungal nail
    • involuted nail
    • ingrown nail
    • thickened nail
  • moisturizing foot massage